Chardon Award

Bushwalking, in the general community, is informally popular as a great outdoors activity.  However, bushwalking is under-recognised as an organised club activity.  Club bushwalkers continue to explore new territory in the extensive bushland of NSW and the ACT.

Bushwalking NSW (BNSW) has introduced the Chardon Award (named after the first Secretary of BNSW in 1932) to recognise bushwalkers who have made a significant contribution to the bushwalking movement.  Thus, awardees would be BNSW Club members who have also played a significant role within Bushwalking NSW.  There is no shortage of bushwalkers who deserve to be better known. The aim, over time, is for the Chardon Award to progressively recognise a range past and present bushwalkers.

First Presentation

The first bushwalkers to be awarded were announced at the Bushwalking NSW Annual General Meeting held at Glenbrook National Park in August 2017.

Future names will be added at each subsequent AGM of BNSW.


To start the award a past and current bushwalker were recognised.   Wilf Julius Hilder (1934 – 2011) and Dodie Green of Yarrawood Bushwalking Club.  Wilf and Dodie both served several terms as President of Bushwalking NSW.

Future Nominations

While BNSW has a range of possible future awardees it welcomes nominations from its member clubs. Please remember the most important criteria. Being well known in their own club is a given, and the walker must have added to bushwalking through involvement in Bushwalking NSW.  There is no nomination form.  Just send their details to BNSW Executive Officer at