Bushwalking NSW represents the interests of over 10,300 bushwalkers from 66 bushwalking clubs in NSW and ACT

Bushwalking NSW, formerly known as the Confederation of Bushwalking Clubs of NSW, represents the interests of over 10,300 bushwalkers from 66 bushwalking clubs in NSW and ACT. Bushwalking clubs pay an annual fee to Bushwalking NSW each July, based on club membership numbers. The fee includes accident and liability insurance, which is arranged through Bushwalking Australia.

Bushwalking NSW is an incorporated association, governed by a constitution. Its Members are bushwalking clubs affiliated with Bushwalking NSW. Each affiliated bushwalking club appoints one or more Delegates to represent their interests. The number of Delegates is stipulated in the Constitution, with larger clubs appointing more delegates.

The Bushwalking NSW Management Committee is an annually elected body consisting of 7 to 15 people. It consists of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, a minimum of 3 ordinary members and other positions as created for specific needs. Only Delegates from Bushwalking NSW member clubs are entitled to vote for the Management Committee nominees.

Management Committee Members and others are appointed to sub-committees as required. The President of Bushwalkers Wilderness Rescue Squad (BWRS) is an ex-officio Management Committee member. The President of Bushwalking NSW is a delegate to national body Bushwalking Australia.

Management Committee meetings are scheduled approximately monthly. A quorum of four Management Committee members is required for meetings and a majority vote is required to make a decision.

General Meetings are held quarterly. Bushwalking NSW Members (club delegates) are invited to attend the General Meetings and to propose matters for discussion. A General Meeting quorum is 5 Members from 3 clubs. A majority vote is required to make a decision.

The Management Committee is assisted by an Executive Officer, who provides a strategic focus to the organisation, manages the office, and works to build strong relationships with government, land managers, conservation groups, and industry.

The Annual General Meeting is held in August.  Please see the Bushwalking NSW 2014-15 Annual Report.

Committee Members
President Mitchell Isaacs (Sydney Uni Bushwalkers )
Vice President Alex Allchin (Sydney Bushwalkers)
Secretary Margaret Covi (Watagan Wanderers)
Treasurer Edward Youds (Span Outdoors)
Ordinary Committee Members Keith Maxwell (Cumberland Plains Walkers)
David Trinder (Sydney Bushwalkers)
Sierra Classen (Sydney Uni Bushwalkers)
George Quinn (Coast and Mountain Walkers)
Dick Weston (The Bush Club)
Appointed Positions
Executive Officer Kirsten Mayer
Conservation Officer Sierra Classen (Sydney Uni Bushwalkers)
Tracks and Access Officer Alex Allchin (Sydney Bushwalkers)
Risk Management Officer Margaret Covi (Watagan Wanderers)
Media Officer Mitchell Isaacs (Sydney Uni Bushwalkers )
Training Officer tba
The Bushwalker Editor Roger Caffin
The Bushwalker Graphic Designer Barry Hanlon
Website Manager David Morrison (Newcastle Ramblers)
Website Content Editor Leonie Bell (Sutherland Bushwalkers)
Public Officer Margaret Covi (Watagan Wanderers)
Delegates to other organisations
Bushwalking Australia Delegate (ex-officio) President
Bushwalkers Wilderness Rescue Squad (ex-officio) Keith Maxwell (Cumberland Plains Walkers)
Conservation Council Delegate (ex-officio) Conservation Officer