Six Foot Track

Creek near Jenolan Caves


This classic 3 day (44km) walk takes you from Katoomba to Jenolan Caves via a historic horse route. The walk travels mainly along well-maintained service tracks and explores Nellie’s Glen, Megalong Valley, Cox’s River, Black Range, and Jenolan Caves.
The first recorded journey on the track was in 1887 by the NSW Governor, Lord Carrington, and his wife. The journey from start to finish took approximately eight hours and was very popular until motor vehicles gradually took over in the twentieth century, and an alternative route to Jenolan was built.


Companies offer guided tours on the track:


Bus or taxi are available from Katoomba to get to the start at the Explorer’s Tree at Medlow Bath. Buses can return walkers to Katoomba from Jenolan Caves.
CDC Tours offer a one way bus from the caves departing at 3.30 pm

There is road access to various parts of the track for people wishing to do only part of the track, or who will be staying at off-track accommodation.


Pre-walk accommodation is available at Katoomba and other Blue Mountains towns, ranging from luxury hotels:
to backpacker hostels
and everything in between
Camp sites are available at Cox’s River and Black Ridge. Water, toilets, and picnic tables are provided.
Private accommodation is also available beside the track:
Jenolan Caves also provides accommodation of various levels from backpacker to luxury at the end of the walk, and the opportunity to visit the caves.

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