Clarence Valley Bushwalking Club
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  The Bushwalkers Code

Do not disturb.


If you enjoy the pleasures of bushwalking and related self-reliant outdoor activities, you have a big responsibility to protect and preserve the natural landscape for the enjoyment of future generations. This guide will help you enjoy the bush without leaving your mark.

Be self reliant

Tread softly

Watch your safety

Pack it in, pack it out

Be hygienic

Keep water pure

Be VERY careful with fire

Always remember- Fire doesn't destroy aluminium foil, and plastics release toxic gases when burnt. So carry foil and plastics out in your pack with all your other rubbish, including food scraps. Don't use your campfire as a rubbish incinerator.

If you must light a campfire, follow these rules:

Before you leave-

Choose campsites carefully

Protect plants and animals

Respect Aboriginal heritage

Be courteous to others

When in camp-

Minimal Impact Bushwalking means

do nothing, leave nothing

that shows where you have been.


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