To all Bushwalking NSW members,

Bushwalking clubs need to make decisions on how to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most clubs have made decisions already. However, the rapidly changing situation and the uncertainty means that clubs should review and possibly revise them.

Bushwalking NSW provides the following advice to assist clubs. Bushwalking NSW does not and cannot direct any member club to take a particular course of action.

  • Health advice: Clubs must pay attention to government health authority announcements, and make decisions reflecting that advice. Bushwalking NSW cannot and will not provide health or medical advice. The NSW & ACT Health advice can be found at:
  • Club action advice: Our insurance broker advises that clubs seek guidance from relevant Government Departments to discharge their duty of care. With the current restriction on non-essential travel many clubs have suspended club activities. Options for limited activities are becoming increasingly impractical under current government regimes of spatial distancing, social gatherings, travel restrictions and the emphasis on essential services. Clubs should pay close attention to government announcements, and make decisions reflecting that advice. The NSW & ACT Government advice can be found at:

All the best, and stay safe,

Bill Boyd


Bushwalking NSW

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