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Archived historical issues of the Bushwalking NSW and Confederation of Bushwalking Clubs of NSW official magazine The Bushwalker

The Bushwalker

Many older issues of The Bushwalker are available here, going back over 50 years. Many thanks are due to Colin Wood and Andy McQueen for providing them.
The numbering sequence was a bit irregular in some places, as a close inspection will show. Also, some issues had a month and year, some had that and a volume and issue number, while some had no date or identification at all. They have been listed with the information gleaned from them; in many cases you can interpolate the volume/issue information.We would be very grateful for copies of any missing issues to add to this archive. Please contact us  if you can help. All copies lent to us will be professionally scanned and returned to the owner.

Many of the documents here are scanned images, and are not searchable. Over time, we expect to convert many of them into text so they can be searched. If you have any expertise in this area and would be prepared to help, please contact us.


??Feb 2003 (28/3)
??May 2003 (28/4)
Aug 2003 (29/1)
Nov 2003 (29/2)


Jan 1991


Older issues of The Bushwalker

Sadly, records are fragmented. Any one who can assist with older issues is ernestly asked to help us. In the meantime we have the following old copies, many due to the efforts of the pevious Editor Colin Wood, to whom much thanks.

Dot Butler

Finally, many older members will remember that incredible bushwalker Dot Butler – ‘the barefoot walker’. For all those younger walkers who think they are so good, read this and wonder just how you would match up. And yet, despite all her skills, Dot was a ‘friend’ to all.

Dot Butler – a tribute