Club Affiliation


Non-commercial bushwalking clubs in NSW and ACT are encouraged to join Bushwalking NSW. All affiliated club members are welcome to attend Bushwalking NSW quarterly General Meetings at Redfern Town Hall, Sydney to learn about bushwalking, share their ideas, and represent the interests of their club. Club members are also encouraged to stand for election to the Bushwalking NSW Management Committee at the Annual General Meeting in August. The Management Committee meets approximately monthly in East Sydney near the Australian Museum.

An annual administration fee is charged, based on club membership numbers, which gives clubs access to the following benefits as well as cost effective annual accident, public liability and association liability insurance. Obtain further details of the insurance cover from the Bushwalking Australia website. More information on the governance of Bushwalking NSW can be found in the constitution.


  • Unite with organisations interested in recreational bushwalking, camping and outdoor activities, including alpine walking, orienteering, rogaining, liloing, abseiling, canyoning, caving, canoeing, kayaking, cycling and snow skiing
  • Connect with over 12,000 bushwalkers in 67 affiliated clubs
  • Receive professionally-researched guidance on many issues clubs face, such as risk management and publicity
  • Access Bushwalking Australia accident, public liability and association liability insurance for NSW & ACT clubs at cost effective rates – see the Bushwalking Australia website
  • Coordinate effective lobbying on conservation issues to government agencies at local, state and federal level, especially where it affects bushwalkers
  • Promote your club with a listing on the Bushwalking NSW website
  • Access information on conservation, bush safety, bushwalking, and tracks and access issues through monthly e-newsletters, the website and email alerts
  • Express an opinion and discuss bushwalking issues with delegates from affiliated clubs at quarterly General Meetings
  • Have NSW and ACT issues which concern your club are effectively represented to Bushwalking Australia, the peak national body for non-commercial bushwalking
  • Host your website on the Bushwalking NSW website

Further details of the benefits of affiliation can be found here.

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