Bushwalkers around the camp fire enjoy a camping trip

Bushwalking NSW Incorporated is the peak body for bushwalkers in NSW and the ACT. It makes submissions representing the interests of over 12,000 bushwalkers from 68 bushwalking clubs throughout the state, and provides a united voice to local, state and federal government agencies and other bodies on issues affecting bushwalkers. (Bushwalking NSW Inc. was formerly known as the Confederation of Bushwalking Clubs of NSW.)

Our submissions

2023 SeptemberConservationRed Fire Ant Funding
2023 SeptemberConservationWarragamba Dam Wall Raising
2023 SeptemberConservationSubmission_Draft POM Blue Mountains NP
2023 SeptemberConservationWild horses-Kosciuszko NP submission
2023 JanuaryConservationGardens of Stone Proposed leases
2022 DecemberConservationSubmission by Bushwalking NSW - Supplementary Documentation - Warragamba Dam Raising - December 2022
2022 NovemberConservationFinal - BNSW submission-Ku-ring-gai NP DraftPoM-Nov2022
2022 NovemberConservationFinal-Submission-by-Bushwalking-NSW-Inc-Kosciuszko-National-Park-Plan-of-Management-Amendment-Commercial-Recreation-November-2022
2022 OctoberConservationIllawarra Escarpment Conservation Area Plan of Management
2022 JulyConservationFinal - Submission by Bushwalking NSW Inc - Gardens of Stone (Stage 2) - Draft Master Plan - July 2022
2022 JulyConservationFinal - Submission by Bushwalking NSW Inc - Gardens of Stone (Stage 2) - Draft Plan of Management - July 2022
2022 JuneConservationSE Forest Ammendments to Plan of Management
2021 OctoberConservationSubmission -Review of Environmental Factors - Light to Light Walk, Ben Boyd National Park
2021 NovemberConservationWild Horse Management Plan KNP
2021 JulyConservationDraft Plan of Management for Royal, Heathcote NPs and Garawarra SCA
2021 AugustConservationPlan of Management -Kosciuszko National Park
2021 AugustConservationSnowy Mountains Activation Precinct - Master Plan-Final
2020 DecemberTracks and AccessNSW – the Leading Australian Destination for Outdoor Adventure
2020 AprilConservationIndependent Bushfire Inquiry
2020ConservationAngus Place Mine Extension
2019 SeptemberConservationPlanning for the future - Ku-rin-gai Chase
2019 AugustTracks and AccessLight-to_Light Walk Strategy (draft)
2015 JuneTracks and AccessConfederation Submission on Mountain Biking