Bushwalking NSW represents the interests of over 10,300 bushwalkers from 66 bushwalking clubs in NSW and ACT

Bushwalking NSW, formerly known as the Confederation of Bushwalking Clubs of NSW, represents the interests of over 11,000 bushwalkers from 67 bushwalking and hiking clubs in NSW and ACT.

Bushwalking NSW is a not-for-profit, incorporated organisation run by an Executive Officer and a dedicated band of volunteers. Our funds are generally derived from membership fees.

Bushwalking clubs pay an annual fee to Bushwalking NSW each July, based on club membership numbers. The fee includes accident and liability insurance, which is arranged through Bushwalking Australia.

Bushwalking NSW is governed by a constitution. Its Members are bushwalking clubs affiliated with Bushwalking NSW. Each affiliated bushwalking club appoints one or more Delegates to represent their interests. The number of Delegates is stipulated in the Constitution, with larger clubs appointing more delegates.

The Bushwalking NSW Management Committee is an annually elected body consisting of 7 to 10 people. It consists of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, a minimum of 3 ordinary members and other positions as created for specific needs. Only Delegates from Bushwalking NSW member clubs are entitled to vote for the Management Committee nominees.

Management Committee Members and others are appointed to sub-committees as required. The President of Bushwalking NSW is a delegate to national body Bushwalking Australia.

Management Committee meetings are scheduled approximately monthly. A quorum of Half the Management Committee members is required for meetings and a majority vote is required to make a decision.

General Meetings are held quarterly. Bushwalking NSW Members (club delegates) are invited to attend the General Meetings and to propose matters for discussion. A General Meeting quorum is 7 Members from 7 member clubs. A majority vote is required to make a decision.

The Management Committee is assisted by an Executive Officer, who provides a strategic focus to the organisation, manages the office, and works to build strong relationships with government, land managers, conservation groups, and industry.

The Annual General Meeting is held in August.  Annual reports can be found on the Meetings page.

Read our Strategic Plan

Committee Members
President David Bell (Sydney Bush Walkers)
Vice President Jon Gray (Bankstown Bushwalking Club)
Secretary Trevor Caldwell (NPA of NSW)
Treasurer Peter Jack (Illawarra Ramblers)
Ordinary Committee Members Margaret Covi (Watagan Wanderers)
John Flint (Sydney Bush Walkers)
Steve Millard (Byron Hikers)
Lionel Sonntag (The Bush Club)
Appointed Positions
Executive Officer Kirsten Mayer
Public Officer Margaret Covi (Watagan Wanderers)
Conservation Officer David Bell (Sydney Bush Walkers)
Tracks and Access Officer John Flint (Sydney Bush Walkers)
Risk Management Officer Margaret Covi (Watagan Wanderers)
YPIC Working Group Officer Jon Gray (Bankstown Bushwalking Club)
Media Officer Vacant
Training Officer Vacant
Website Content Editor Leonie Bell (Sutherland Bushwalkers)
Webmaster Vacant
Newsletter Sub-Editor Justine Thomas (Northern Rivers Bushwalking Club)
Admin Officer Justine Thomas (Northern Rivers Bushwalking Club)
Historian Keith Maxwell (Cumberland Plains Walkers)
Social Media David Morrison (Newcastle Ramblers Bushwalking club)
Digital Marketing Officer Vacant
Delegates to other organisations
Bushwalking Australia Delegate (ex-officio) Vice-President &

Executive Officer

NSW Conservation Council Delegate (ex-officio) Conservation Officer

Bushwalking NSW Committee Honour Roll

The following list of committee members is currently incomplete. More names will be added once they become known. AGMs are held in August each year.

The size and composition of the committee has changed regularly since 1932 (when Bushwalking NSW was formed as the Confederation of Bushwalking Clubs of NSW), according to the needs of the day e.g. Tracks and Access, Conservation, Publications, Communications, Search and Rescue, Assistant Secretary. Additionally there are the Ordinary Committee Officers. Over time, some positions became non-committee positions, while others were promoted to committee status. The following table does not therefore cover all committee positions.

2022-2023David BellJon GrayTrevor CaldwellPeter Jack
2021-2022Bill BoydDavid BellBruce LymanPeter Jack
2020-2021Bill BoydMargaret CoviBruce LymanPeter Jack
2019-2020Alexander AllchinMargaret CoviBruce LymanPeter Jack
2018-2019Alexander AllchinMitchell IsaacsGeorge QuinnJohn Flint
2017-2018Alexander AllchinMitchell IsaacsSierra ClassenJohn Flint
2016-2017Alexander AllchinMitchell IsaacsSierra ClassenEdward Fraser
Hesket Youds
2015-2016Mitchell IsaacsAlexander Allchin
Sierra Classen
Margaret CoviAlexander Allchin
Isabel Riana Sofia Yersin
2014-2015David MorrisonMitchell IsaacsMargaret Covivacant
2013-2014David TrinderMitchell IsaacsMargaret Covivacant
2012-2013David TrinderMitchell IsaacsMargaret CoviPeter Stebbing
2011-2012Dodie GreenvacantMargaret CoviPeter Stebbing
2010-2011Dodie GreenDenise KruzeMargaret CoviBarbara Mitchell
2009-2010Dodie GreenDenise KruzeMargaret CoviBarbara Mitchell
2008-2009Wilf HilderJim CallawayDodie GreenBarbara Mitchell
2007-2008Wilf HilderJim CallawayDodie GreenBarbara Mitchell
2006-2007Margaret CoviJim CallawayLen SharpBarbara Mitchell
2005-2006Margaret CoviJim CallawayBrian MorganBarbara Mitchell
2004-2005Margaret CoviJim CallawayBrian MorganDiana Peters
2003-2004Margaret CoviJim CallawayvacantMaurice Smith
2002 - 2003Wilf HilderJim CallawayPrudence TuckerMaurice Smith
2001-2002Wilf HilderJim CallawayPrudence TuckerMaurice Smith
2000 - 2001Wilf HilderJim CallawayPrudence TuckerPrudence Tucker
1996 - 1997Brian WalkerDon BrooksBill HollandKen Pickering
1995 - 1996Andy (Andrew) MacqueenDavid Sheppard
Don Brooks
Maurice SmithDiana Peters
Ken Pickering
1994 - 1995Andy MacqueenTim Fischer
Simon Knight
Maurice SmithDiana Peters
1993 - 1994Robyn Cox (Nee Arthur)Tony Parr
David Sheppard
Roger LembitDiana Peters
1992 - 1993Robyn ArthurTony Parr
Don Brooks
Roger LembitDiana Peters
1991 - 1992Michael MaackBrian Walker
Tony Parr
Gary PhillpottDiana Peters
1990 - 1991Gordon LeeJohn Porter
Gary Phillpott
Bob CavillRosemary Maxwell
1989 - 1990Gordon LeeMaureen CavillRosemary Maxwell
1988 - 1989Gordon LeeJan Wooters
Michael Maak
Maureen CavillRosemary Maxwell
1987 - 1988Gordon LeeJan Wooters
Andrew Krensell
Herb LippmanJim Callaway
1986-1987Gordon LeeBrad Phillips
Hugh Patterson
John BerryJim Callaway
1983 - 1984Gordon LeeRoger Lembit
Keith Maxwell
Spiro HajinakitasJim Callaway
1982-1983Gordon LeeBeth Streatfield
Roger Lembit
Spiro HajinakitasJim Callaway
1980 - 1981Murray ScottBeth Mees
Peter Tuft
Spiro HajinakitasJim Callaway
1979 - 1980David NobleMurray Scott
Beth Mees
Warwick BlaydenJim Callaway
1978 - 1979Peter HarrisDavid Noble
Ed Hanvin
Keith MaxwellJim Callaway
1976 - 1977Bruce VoteNick Bendeli
Keith Maxwell
Warwick BlaydenRay Alsop
1975 - 1976Bruce VoteKeith Maxwell
Nick Bendelli
Warwick BlaydonPrudence Tucker
1974 - 1975Phil L Butt
1963 - 1964Paul DriverNinnian Melville
Stan Cottier
Graham MitchellDick Higgin
1960 - 1961Ken StewartStan Cottier
David Brown
Max RosentoolColin Watson
1950Dennis Robinson
1949Dennis Robinson
1948Stan Cottier OAM
1947R T Compagnoni
1946John B BlomMarie B Byles
1945W S WatsonDorothy LawryMarie B BylesOliver H Wyndham
1943W S WatsonDorothy LawryMarie B BylesOliver H Wyndham
1942Oliver H WyndhamW RootsDorothy SongR Watson
1941Oliver H WyndhamDorothy LawryDorothy SongR Watson
1940W A HolesgroveOliver H WydhamMerle HamiltonH S Freeman
1939W A HolesgroveOliver H WyndhamA MillerC D A Roberts
1938T A HerbertW A HolesgroveC D A RobertsH S Freeman
1937T A HerbertW A HolesgroveT B AtkinsonH S Freeman
1934Walter J Roots
1932Harold Chardon