Insurance for bushwalking clubs

A vital component of Risk Management is appropriate insurance. If an accident occurred on a club activity, then the club, the committee and/or the individual members could potentially be pursued in court for millions of dollars compensation. One of the benefits of being a member club of Bushwalking NSW is the availability of specialised, competitively priced insurance, tailored to bushwalking activities.

Bushwalking NSW works with Bushwalking Australia to source competitive insurance for our clubs and their members. Full details of the insurance can be found at Bushwalking Australia.

Consult their FAQ page for answers to common insurance questions.

Note that while clubs pay for the Public Liability and Personal Accident insurances, clubs that pay for Public Liability Insurance also receive free Association Liability Insurance, which protects office bearers, committee members and other club members. For a better understanding of these types of insurance, we encourage those interested to review the extensive information available at Bushwalking Australia.

Annual insurance renewal

Bushwalking NSW sends member clubs an annual questionnaire in March each year regarding the type of activities the club engages in, how many members they have on a specific date, the estimated annual number of Temporary Members (Visitors), any hall hire agreements they have for club meetings, club income, and the risk management procedures they have in place, such as first aid training and signing of risk waivers. The number of Temporary Members (Visitors) will not be included in the number of members for the purpose of premium calculation. The number of walks/activities a Temporary Member can participate on before joining a club is a matter for each club to determine, and does not affect insurance cover or premiums.

The information collected from clubs through this questionnaire is required by Bushwalking Australia and its insurance broker to negotiate renewal terms, including cost of the insurance policies. When the renewed policies and premiums have been determined, clubs will be invoiced by Bushwalking NSW. Provided payment is received by the due date, cover will be continuous from 1 July for the following 12 months. See the Bushwalking Australia website for details of the types of activities currently covered.

Clubs are also welcome to make any inquiries directly to the insurance broker.

If an incident occurs, the club’s Incident Form should be filled out and the incident reviewed by the club’s committee. Follow the insurer’s guidelines regarding claims.