Feral Horses

National Parl riverside
Feral horses are a serious problem in many national parks, such as Kosciuszko and Barrington Tops National Parks. The horses pose many threats, including:

  • Despoilation of the natural environment through trampling of delicate ecosystems
  • Introduction and spread of weeds
  • Threats to humans from aggressive behaviour
  • Aesthetic issues such as huge piles of dung literally every few metres
  • Creating large erosion gullies
  • Damage to unfenced historic sites
  • Pollution of waterways making them unfit to drink without serious purification treatment

Bushwalking NSW believes that feral horses do not belong in natural areas. To that end it developed a policy for “removal of all feral horses from all the State’s natural areas”.

The policy provides an implementation plan for achieving this goal.

For details, please refer to the full policy.

Recent studies have estimated that there are up to 14100 horses in Kosciusko NP in 2014. The growth rate in numbers is approximately 21% per year.

Dianne Thompson from the National Parks Association (ACT) visited the Pilot Wilderness area of Kosciusko National Park in November 2013 to examine feral horse damage.

Examples of the damage caused by horses can be seen in her Flickr slide shows