Training Courses and Resources

Bushwalkers on a bushwalk

Navigation and bush skills

  • Check with your local bushwalking club and the Bushwalking NSW website for scheduled courses in navigation and bush skills. Some clubs require members to undergo training in first aid and navigation before admitting them to full membership.
  • Some local community colleges run first aid and navigation courses.
  • See your local bookstore, library, or an Internet store for books on navigation and bush skills.

First Aid

  • Provide First Aid course, previously known as Apply First Aid and Senior First Aid, covers what to do in urban situations. It covers CPR and emergency treatment for a variety of conditions.
  • Remote Area First Aid course is longer but more suited to bushwalkers, providing advice on a larger variety of situations, with special reference to treatment when an ambulance is not readily available.
  • Re certification must be done every three years if you have done the course for employment or other accreditation reasons. It is a good idea to do it anyway, as new ideas and treatment methods are adopted.
  • CPR courses cover resuscitation only.
  • Employers will often cover the cost of a first aid course. Medical funds may also pay a benefit for first aid training. Some clubs subsidise members to train in first aid.
  • Bush Search and Rescue NSW runs regular Provide First Aid and Remote Area First Aid courses specifically tailored to the needs of bushwalkers. Courses are run by very experienced bushwalkers, and typically take place in a bushland setting. The course incorporates challenging scenarios where students face the practical issues of emergency treatment in wilderness situations. Elements such as helicopter rescue safety procedures are also included. The Remote Area course is so popular that people come from interstate and New Zealand to do it. A discount rate is available for members of NSW bushwalking clubs.
  • St John Ambulance run weekly Provide First Aid, Recertification and Remote Area First Aid courses in all areas. The Provide First Aid course covers what to do in urban situations. St John also sell first aid books and first aid kits. Phone 1300 360 455
  • Surf Lifesaving NSW organise Provide First Aid and resuscitation courses.
  • A number of commercial providers also run first aid courses.


  • Abseiling courses are run by commercial operators, particularly in the Blue Mountains area west of Sydney. Check the web. Ensure you choose an operator which employs qualified and experienced instructors.

Kayaking and Canoeing

  • Contact your local kayak or canoe club for information on beginners courses