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Bushwalker Magazine archives

The Bushwalker magazine has changed a lot over the years. Before the advent of desktop publishing the magazine was a photocopy of a simple typed document, perhaps with a sketch or two. Keith Maxwell has been scanning old Bushwalker magazines from the 1970s onwards. They have now been uploaded to our website and offer a fascinating glimpse into the past.

When this ad featured in the December 1977 Bushwalker, the Confederation of Bushwalking Clubs of NSW comprised 33 clubs. See how Paddy Pallin’s ads and bushwalking clothing fashions have changed in the last 40 years, in this illustration of a well-dressed bushwalker.

Or check out the inaugural Wilderness Visitor’s Code of Behaviour from February 1978.which was prepared by Dr Sandra Bardwell, after the Australian Wilderness Conference the previous year. It was created, “To encourage the preservation of the physical and intangible qualities of wilderness areas and their enjoyment by travellers on foot, ski, or in hand or sail-powered boats.”, because “In wilderness man is a visitor who neither remains nor leaves any trace of his presence.”

We would love to add more archival newsletters to the website. If you have copies of any issues of the Bushwalker that are missing from our website please contact Kirsten

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