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Logging of Unburnt Forests

Just weeks after fires ripped through masses of NSW forests, the Nature Conservation Council (NCC) has obtained evidence of unburnt forests being logged right now.

With so much forest destroyed by the fires, the NCC states it’s critical that what’s left is protected to ensure wildlife survives. Yet some of the last prime habitat for nationally threatened species such as the Spotted-tailed Quoll and the Hastings River Mouse is currently being destroyed.

Despite unimaginable destruction from the summer of bushfire hell, the NCC states that it is business as usual for industrial logging.

The NCC says that the government is keeping people in the dark about this crisis, however the NCC has obtained video footage of logging happening last week.

The NCC is asking that we watch and share the video to help expose this outrage.

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NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian declared a State of Emergency when the bushfires were roaring. The truth is, for nature the state of emergency is continuing, yet the NCC believes the NSW Government is allowing industrial logging to continue.

The region around Styx River State Forest – halfway between Armidale and Nambucca Heads – was heavily burned in the catastrophic bushfires. The few healthy patches left are some of the most important unburnt habitat in the region for the Spotted-tail Quoll, Greater Glider and the Hastings River Mouse.

Over 100 hectares of Styx River State Forest has been logged since late 2019, destroying critical unburnt habitat and pushing threatened species closer to the brink of extinction.

This is a crisis and the NCC states that the NSW Government needs to take urgent action to stop the destruction of forests and protect wildlife now. The NCC states that the crisis has been exposed with video evidence of logging in threatened species habitat and this cannot go ignored by our politicians.

The NCC states that Premier Berejiklian needs to urgently stop the logging. This logging operation was approved long before the fires when there was much more healthy habitat available. The catastrophic bushfires have changed everything for nature in NSW and no approval should be accepted as current until the full ecological impact of the fires is understood.

The NCC wants your help to make this video go viral and expose the crisis to pressure the government to stop destructive logging.

The NCC states that together, we can be a voice for nature, a voice for forests and a voice for threatened species such as the Greater Glider and Powerful Owl.