Calendar of Events

Bushwalkers around the camp fire enjoy a camping trip

Upcoming events

The following events are of interest to bushwalkers and hikers.

2024 February 24Bushwalking NSW General Meeting - Zoom
2023 November 21Bushwalking NSW General Meeting- Zoom
2023 November 19, 25, 26Remote Area First Aid course
2023 November 18, 25, 26Remote Area First Aid course
2023 November 17-19Kosci for Conservation Three Peaks Challenge
2023 October 21 NCC Picnic for Nature 2023
2023 September 14Get Out Of Gas Rally
2023 September 5Child Safeguarding and the Law Webinar
2023 August 25-27Oxfam Trailwalker
2023 August 15Bushwalking NSW AGM- Zoom & in-person, Redfern
2022 February 15Bushwalking NSW General Meeting
2022 March 6Clean Up Australia Day
2022 May 17Bushwalking NSW General Meeting
2022 July 16-17Navshield
2022 August 16Bushwalking NSW General Meeting
2022 November 15Bushwalking NSW General Meeting