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Alternate Activities COVID-19 Update

We are all spending a lot of time indoors due to COVID-19.

So we thought it was a good time to revisit our awesome alternate activity ideas!

No need to do them alone! Connect with the group you were planning to head outdoors with online using programs such as Zoom or Skype. Have fun and feel good about these ‘indoor adventures’ together!

  1. Find and schedule the walks and activities you want to lead when life returns to normal
  2. Not a leader yet? Call a current club leader and ask if you can buddy up to learn to lead later – they are friendly folk!
  3. Read the Bushwalking Manual – a great read for everyone doing all kinds of outdoor adventure ?
  4. Get started on a first aid course – you can do the pre-reading online for free!
  5. Connect online with a club buddy to plan a club activity together for later
  6. Read our Risk Management Guidelines – it is truly worthwhile
  7. Learn all about our insurance – consider becoming an insurance officer – ask us how
  8. Start planning and coordinating a risk management online training session for your club. You don’t have to know it all – ask club members with special expertise to talk on their area.
  9. Run a online navigation theory session for your club and friends
  10. Learn how you can help our suffering wildlife: WIRES & NWC
  11. Write to members of parliament to ask for a climate action leadership: Federal Ministers, NSW Members, ACT Members.
  12. Brainstorm how to engage more youth in your club
  13. Organise your photos and send in some great ones to us so we can share them through our newsletter and website – email to
  14. Contribute your photos and descriptions of the great walks of NSW & the ACT to
  15. Check out all the resources available for you on the Bushwalking NSW website
  16. Ask your club management committee if they need any help
  17. Sign up for a Bushwalking NSW working group
  18. Help Bushwalking NSW develop a Hot/Extreme Weather Policy that can help all our clubs – contact us now!
  19. Schedule club social events for the new year
  20. Look for great speakers for your next club meeting
  21. Call elderly neighbours, relatives and friends and find out how they are coping with the COVID-19 crisis
  22. If you haven’t done it yet – put your Bush fire survival plan at the top of your list!