Great West Walk


Mapped by the Walking Volunteers, Sydney’s newest walking route, The Great West Walk, officially opened in October 2019. It stretches 65 km from Parramatta to the foot of the Blue Mountains, traversing a varied landscape of protected Cumberland Plain woodland, local river systems, public park lands, Australia’s oldest architecture, and some of Western Sydney’s most iconic urban landscapes. It can be tackled as a series of day walks using public transport or car shuffles.

Start and finish point

Parramatta to Penrith


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Great West Walk


From Parramatta Station, the walk circuits Parramatta Park, then follows Toongabbie Creek, heading for Blacktown and Breakfast Creek to the 5,280 hectare Western Sydney Parklands. Panoramic views from the top of Rooty Hill can be seen before following paths and easements to the Great Western Highway, Waterholes Reserve and open parkland along Ropes Creek. Cross Ropes Creek and South Creek on new footbridges to  the Cumberland Plain woodlands of Wianamatta Regional Park. Eventually local paths and street walks lead to the Nepean River, connecting with the Great River Walk.

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Great West Walk