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Bushwalking NSW has general meetings of club delegates four times per year. These are held on the third Tuesday of August (AGM), November, February and May, usually at Redfern Town Hall – 73 Pitt Street, Redfern -just 7 minutes from the station. Clubs are encouraged to send delegates to the meetings to contribute to the discussion and to represent the club’s interests.

Our next meetings

Annual General Meeting. Tuesday 20 August 2019 Redfern Town Hall  7 pm. Topic: Back from the brink. Past president of the Northern Rivers Bushwalkers Club, Bill Boyd, reveals how they grew the club from 15 members to 300 members – and the vibrant, thriving club it is today with 365 activities a year! Read the agenda.

Tuesday 19 November 2019 Redfern Town Hall 7 pm. Topic: Youth engagement through social media.

Due to recent legislation changes, Bushwalking NSW needs to amend its constitution. Read the letter from Bushwalking NSW Secretary George Quinn regarding proposed changes to the Constitution. Read the proposed Draft Constitution.  The deadline for comments is 28th July 2019. Following a review, the draft adapted Model Constitution will be tabled for adoption at the next General Meeting or Annual General Meeting of BNSW.

Our most recent meeting

Tuesday 21 May 2019 Redfern Town Hall  7 pm. Topic: Engaging with Young People in Outdoor Adventure. Speaker: Matt Sawyer, Sport Integrity Unit, Office of Sport. Matt’s presentation looked at the benefits of including young people in Bushwalking Clubs,  creating a club suitable for young people, support available to include young people, Member Protection and your Bushwalking Club. Read the agenda. Listen to the audio of the night. BNSW presentation.   Duke of Edinburgh Awards presentation.   Office of Sport presentation. 

Club Delegates

Clubs are asked to send delegates to the meetings to contribute to the discussion and to represent the club’s interests Clubs are entitled to send a number of delegates dependent on the number of members. Clubs with up to 100 members have 2 delegates, up to 250 members can send 3 delegates, and bigger clubs have 4 delegates.

Club sizeDelegates
251 or more4
An agenda is sent to clubs at least a week before, detailing any specific items to be discussed. Any other relevant documents will also be sent. Clubs are asked to discuss any matters and have their delegates briefed to act on their behalf.

AGM Minutes, Agendas and Annual Reports

2018 AGM

2017 AGM

2016 AGM

2015 AGM

2014 AGM

General Meeting Minutes and Agendas


Tuesday 19 February 2019 Redfern Town Hall  7 pm. Topic: Bushwalking with a Purpose. There is more to bushwalking than bush walking.Speaker: Bush Explorer Yuri Bolotin talked about the difference between walking in the bush and bushwalking with a purpose. He argued that adding a purpose to your regular bush adventures could exponentially raise satisfaction and enjoyment levels of your bushwalking activities. It could even be a key to life’s happiness! See the presentation. Read the minutes. Read the agenda.


November 2018 Topic: The ‘Save Kosci’ protest walk – a report from the front line. This year the NSW Government passed the Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Act 2018, giving feral horses and other feral animals the right to continue damaging this unique NSW National Park, and endangering a host of threatened native species.  The ‘Save Kosci’ protest walk aims to make repeal of the Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Act an issue in the March 2019 NSW election.   Read the agenda.

20-21 October, Annual Bush Camp, Bungonia. Members enjoyed day-walks, a sausage sizzle, a talk by Sharon Fulcher on ‘Are you a bio-secure bushwalker?’, and ‘How to keep your club on track’ workshop, and met old friends and new from across NSW & the ACT. More details.

May 2018  Topic: What is the impact of raising Warragamba dam wall? Alex Allchin, President, Bushwalking NSW  informed us about the latest in the NSW state government’s plans to raise the Warragamba Dam wall. The proposal would, during flood events, inundate 4,700 hectares of pristine World Heritage listed national parks and 65 kilometres of wild rivers – twice the length of the Franklin River that was under threat in the 1980s.  Read the agenda .

February 2018 Topic: Keeping Your Club on Track- Tips for the smooth running of bushwalking clubs. Read the agenda. See the presentation. Share your tips for how you or your club, keeps your club on track using this form. See the draft minutes here.


November 2017  Our keynote speaker was Carol Isaacs on the topic Adventure Conservation Adventures. Do you enjoy going beyond? Do you like going to wild places that few other people get to see?  By engaging in Adventure Conservation you can ‘go beyond’. Instead of just admiring nature, you can support its flourishing, and travel to very remote wild places. Carol is an experienced Adventure Conservationist with a few stories to tell about what it is like, and how you can engage in this exciting activity. Read the Minutes. Read more.

May 2017  Our keynote speaker was Sharon Fulcher, Dip. Ed. Sharon is an Environmental Educator and NPWS Conservation Volunteer, who is currently completing a Masters of Environmental Science. She spoke on the topic ‘How can we Leave No Trace’ when bushwalking?’.  Minimal Impact Bushwalking (MIB) strives to minimize our impact on the outdoors while allowing our immersion in it. Bio-security is everyone’s responsibility but has largely been missing from our MIB code. This presentation looked at the latest MIB information and resources as well as raising issues around bio-security, and how bushwalkers can aid in keeping our environment ‘clean’. View Sharon’s fabulous presentation, read the agenda and the minutes.

Feb 2017 GM Our keynote speaker was Greg Kirk, Special Ambulance Rescue Team Paramedic on the topic “How bushwalkers can prepare for rescue operations”. Here is the agenda and the interesting presentation with information on how to maintain bushwalker access by preventing the sell-off of Crown Roads. The minutes are here.


Nov 2016 GM The keynote presentations was by Matt McClelland and Helen Smith. The topics were “Bushwalking 101”, a website all about helping people better settle into bushwalking with information on everything from how to tie your shoelaces, through to collecting water in remote places, and “Naturally Accessible”, bushwalking for those with people with mobility restrictions.

Bushwalking NSW also released new Risk Management Guidelines which were developed by:

  • Margaret Covi (Watagan Wanderers)
  • Geoff Reed (WEA Ramblers Sydney)
  • Linda Groom (Canberra Bushwalking Club)
Access the presentation here RM presentation Nov 2016 meeting

Read the agenda and more about the speakers  here.  View the minutes here.

May 2016 GM We heard speaker, Anne McLeod present her biography of Marie Byles “The Summit of Her Ambition: the spirited life of Marie Byles”. Read about her presentation and view the agenda  here. View the minutes here.

Feb 2016 GM: Our keynote speaker Dr Les Higgins talked on bushwalking in the light of what is known about our need for nature and the astounding array of benefits that flow from meeting that need. You can download Les’ slides from here, and listen to his talk by clicking the forward arrow below. Please note that the recording is in it’s ‘raw’ format. You may like to fast forward through the beginning when the audience are providing their feedback. Listen to Les’s talk:

The following links will provide the February 2016 General Meeting AgendaBushwalking NSW Presentation and Minutes. You can find out more about Les here.


Nov 2015 GM: The keynote speaker at the November General Meeting was Yuri Bolotin talking about the Gardens of Stone in Focus photographic competition. Here is the meeting Agenda and Presentation and Minutes.